Ken Rosenberg

Applied Conservation Scientist


Bird Habitat • Conservation • Sustainability

I work at the interface between research, conservation planning, and environmental policy, in a joint position at the Cornell Lab and American Bird Conservancy. My primary role is to synthesize and interpret research on the status and distribution of bird populations, and to engage with wildlife managers and policy-makers to ensure that conservation decisions are based on the best available science.

I also represent the Cornell Lab on the North American Bird Conservation Initiative (NABCI) U.S. Committee and I’m the lead scientist on NABCI’s annual State of the Birds Reports. In addition, I study the critical role that stopover sites and habitats play for migratory birds after they travel south of the U.S. to Central and South America.

I am a lifelong birder and attended Cornell University and then conducted research on desert riparian birds for my Masters degree at Arizona State University, and on foraging specialization in Amazonian birds for my Ph.D. at Louisiana State University. I came full circle back to Cornell, where I’ve been applying my bird knowledge to conserve species and habitats for the past 25 years.


Ph.D., Zoology, Louisiana State University
M.S., Zoology, Arizona State University
B.S., Wildlife Science, Cornell University

Beyond the Lab

I am an avid gardener, for both my family and the birds!

Recent Publications

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