Megan King


Associate Producer


Conservation Filmmaking • Film Editing

I tell conservation stories through media, specifically video production. I love the intersection of art and science, which to me, is exactly what conservation filmmaking is!

Growing up in Colorado, I spent a lot of time outdoors, so when I majored in Environmental Studies in college it came as no surprise. While in college I took a documentary filmmaking class, which was a pivotal moment—it was when I realized I could become an environmental storyteller. I then went on to work at the Environmental Film Festival in DC (DCEFF) and on the Impact Media team at National Geographic. Career highlights were meeting “her deepness,” Sylvia Earle, during my first festival with DCEFF, and filming and walking with Paul Salopek on his Out Of Eden Walk in India while at National Geographic.


M.A., Film & Media Arts, American University
B.A., Environmental Studies, Allegheny College

Beyond the Lab

I love spending time outside, canoeing, spending time watching old movies, and playing with clay in pottery studios!

Excited woman with green glasses and purple Tshirt with owls on it.
Center Conservation Media

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Golden-cheeked Warbler by Bryan Calk/Macaulay Library