Peter Wrege

Project Leader


Behavioral Ecology • Bioacoustics • Acoustic Monitoring • Elephant Behavior and Conservation

I am director of the Elephant Listening Project, focused on using innovative technology to study and improve the survival prospects of forest elephants living in Central Africa. Because forest elephants are extremely difficult to study in the dense rainforests of Africa, we use acoustic monitoring methods to eavesdrop on their conversations, and on the sounds of poachers, to enhance evidence-based decisions affecting their conservation.

I am motivated by the imperative that we conserve biodiversity across the globe in order to enhance all life. The charismatic nature of elephants, and their key role in the health of ecosystems, provide the inspiration that can change attitudes and cement the motivation of practitioners around the world to make a difference in conservation.


Ph.D., Behavioral ecology and terrestrial ecology, Cornell University
B.Sc., Biology, The Colorado College

Peter Wrege
Center K. Lisa Yang Center for Conservation Bioacoustics
Projects Elephant Listening Project

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