Sam Heinrich

Machine Learning Engineer

I’m an engineer who helps to create machine learning models including Photo and Sound ID from the vast Macaulay Library archives. My passion for birds began at a young age when my dad introduced me to birding, and has continued to grow since. I’m excited about using technology to help others learn about birds and to foster solutions to important conservation challenges.

My passion for birds was sparked on family trips to Florida, where me and my dad spent mornings exploring the varied habitats and vibrant birds of the region. As a high schooler, he attended the Young Birder’s Event at the Cornell Lab and was inspired to pursue a career dedicated to studying and conserving birds. After graduating from Cornell with a degree in Biometry and Statistics and a minor in Operations Research, I worked in the tech industry for two years as a data scientist. After this brief stint away from Ithaca, I’m thrilled to be returning to the Cornell Lab to help tackle important machine learning challenges and create exciting tools for birders, conservationists, and researchers.


B.S., Biometry and Statistics, Cornell University

Outside the Cornell Lab

In my spare time, I love playing tennis, hiking, and exploring natural areas around the world.

A man sits at a desk outside with a sunset behind him. Appears to be in a desert.
Center Macaulay Library

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Golden-cheeked Warbler by Bryan Calk/Macaulay Library