Sara Barker

Project Leader

Through my role as program leader for the Cornell Land Trust Bird Conservation Initiative, I help provide strategic planning, resources, technical assistance, planning tools, and funding opportunities to advance the pace and impact of land trust protection and stewardship efforts. I assist land managers and practitioners in managing habitat for priority bird species and help build capacity for the land trust and private lands community around birds.

I enjoy collaborative conservation, which makes it possible to more effectively secure and leverage resources and have greater collective contributions to the recovery of imperiled species, while creating significant impacts on the ground.

Throughout my career at the Cornell Lab as a conservation biologist, I have focused on science-based conservation planning, priority bird species of conservation concern, citizen science, and developing habitat-management plans and conservation strategies in conjunction with partner organizations.


My passions include caring for and stewarding our natural world and the wildlife that inhabitant it as well as applying science to action on the ground. I enjoy working alongside stakeholders through science, management, education, and outreach to attain conservation outcomes.

My two boys and their inquisitive discovery of the natural world drive my passion to protect our natural resources, manage them appropriately, and inspire others to look after our environment for future generations.

Sara Barker
Center Avian Population Studies
Projects Golden-winged Warbler Conservation Initiative, Land Trust Initiative

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Golden-cheeked Warbler by Bryan Calk/Macaulay Library