Taylor Long

User Interface Designer


User Experience Design • Front-End Development • Cartography • Data Visualization

As a UI designer, I shape the development of new eBird features in their earliest design phases, working with developers and project leaders to decide how features should look and behave. I endeavor to make each facet of the eBird interface understandable, easy to use, and enjoyable for birders everywhere.

I discovered the joy of birds during a study abroad semester in Ecuador and became a passionate eBirder during graduate school. My career interests revolve broadly around the visual communication of science. Prior to joining the eBird team, I worked as a Web Cartographer for the National Park Service in Denver, Colorado. I loved building interactive maps for the parks, but as a birder, nothing sounded cooler than getting to work on the design of eBird, and when this job opened up, I had to have it!


B.A., Environmental Studies, Middlebury College
M.S., Geographic Information Science, University of Minnesota

Beyond the Lab

When not designing for eBird, I like to spend my time adding to my modest yet ever-growing life list, sharing my love of map-making with others, and enjoying the great outdoors with my wonderful wife and daughter.

Taylor Long
Center Avian Population Studies
Projects eBird
Email mtl74@cornell.edu

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Golden-cheeked Warbler by Bryan Calk/Macaulay Library