Urban Youth Get Up Close With Birds, Science, and Nature at the Cornell Lab

Watch this video to join urban youth on a visit to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology as they get up close with birds and scientists in the field, learn to record sounds, and explore careers in science and conservation.

The Lab’s Celebrate Urban Birds project engages urban and underserved communities, connecting more than 500,000 people with birds and nature through fun activities and hand-on science. Our workshops encourage youth to think about themselves and their futures, and to use their creativity and curiosity to ask questions and include science as a part of their lives. After going back to communities, many of these students want to share what they’ve learned through stewardship, greening, cleanup, and teaching others about birds.

We also work across the hemisphere, partnering with organizations in Latin America to bring bird watching and conservation to their communities. For example, we helped create 10,000 kits in Spanish for distribution to communities in Mexico, and gave workshops for educators and community leaders about how to use the kits.

Your support helps us reach more underserved, urban, and international youth and their communities, opening up a world of exploration and appreciation for birds and the environment we all share.

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