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Free Online Resources

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from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Cornell University, and freely available Online Ornithology Databases identified by your librarian.

All About Birds

All About Birds is a dynamic online guide which contains information to teach bird watching, bird feeding, and bird species identification. It contains in-depth information, including sounds, video, and distribution maps.


Macaulay Library Sound & Video catalog

The Macaulay Library is the world's largest archive of animal sounds. It contains more than 160,000 recordings of 67 percent of the world's birds, and it is rapidly increasing its holdings of insects, fish, frogs, and mammals.

Search the database for animal sounds and behavior. Visualize sounds using a spectrogram. Speed up or slow down sounds. Create spectrograms from your own sounds. Spectrograms can be customized with a clickable world map or by using an advance or simple Boolean search. Windows 2000 or newer is needed to use the spectrograms.


Cornell Lab of Ornithology Gallery of Bird and Wildlife Art

The Gallery of Bird and Wildlife Art, contains scans and digital photographs of 786 art objects in the collection of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. The collection has been largely shaped by artists who hoped to educate the public about birds and other wildlife through illustration, bringing beauty and elegant design into their work while seeking to learn about birds and, ultimately, to protect them.
You will need to disable the pop-up blocker feature in your web browser in order to view this collection.)

From Cornell University

Beautiful Birds: Masterpieces from the Hill Ornithology Collection

Beautiful Birds traces the development of ornithological illustration in the 18th and 19th centuries and highlights the changing techniques during that period.  This site highlights Cornell University Library’s Hill Ornithology Collection, which chronicles the pre-1900 development of ornithology as a science, and depicts the growth of bird illustration as an art form.

Louis Agassiz Fuertes Image Database and Guide to Papers

Louis Agassiz Fuertes was a native of Ithaca, New York and the nation's most notable ornithological painter since Audubon.  Cornell University holds a large collection of Fuertes' bird illustrations, as well as his personal papers.


Atlas of Avian Diseases

Atlas of Avian Diseases is part of the Partners in Animal Health, collection developed by veterinary experts at the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine for veterinarians and pet owners. The  Atlas of Avian Diseases is a searchable database containing images demonstrating a variety of avian diseases. Review image sets by clinical sign, gross lesion, or histopathology—and visually build a differential based on your clinical findings. Includes up-to-date information on diagnostic testing, prevention and control.

General Resources

Free Online Ornithology Databases

Searchable Ornithological Research Archive 
Produced by the University of New Mexico SORA
Use SORA to search: Auk (1884-1999), Condor (1899-2000), Journal of Field Ornithology (1930-1999), North American Bird Bander (1976-2000), Pacific Coast Avifauna (1900-1974), Studies in Avian Biology (1978-1999), and Wilson Bulletin (1889-1999). Browse Ornitología Neotropical (1990-2002).

PubMed Central
PubMed Central (PMC) is the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) free digital archive of biomedical and life sciences journal literature. Search for articles, journal titles, books, or even a genome sequence. Find abstracts and full text articles. If you haven’t tried PubMed in a while, you’ve got to check it out. It’s great.


Ornithological Worldwide Literature is produced by the Edward Grey Institute, part of the Department of Zoology at the University of Oxford. OWL is a compilation of citations and abstracts from the worldwide scientific literature that pertain to the science of ornithology. Currently OWL contains over 57700 entries.  A major attraction is its coverage of the “grey” literature, which are not abstracted by commercial databases such as Zoological Record or the Science Citation Index.


AMNH Research Library

American Museum of Natural History Research Library Scientific Publications disseminate the results of laboratory investigations and fieldwork conducted by museum scientists and their colleagues in the areas of zoological systematics, paleontology, geology, evolution, and anthropology. This collection includes full-text PDFs of current and back issues of AMNH scientific series. Titles include: American Museum Novitates, Anthropological Papers of the American Museum of Natural History, Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History, and Memoirs of the American Museum of Natural History.


This site is produced by Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center, U.S. Geological Survey, and the U.S. Department of the Interior. It has several databases and is definitely worthy of a visit. The publications database contains over 1,400 articles published by staff of the Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center beginning in 1965. Articles are available as HTML documents or as reprints free of charge. Also included on this site is a journal abbreviations page, links to bird checklists of the United States, and biological resources.


The Education Resources Information Center (ERIC), sponsored by the Institute of Education Sciences (IES) of the U.S. Department of Education, a database of journal and non-journal education literature. The ERIC database contains over 1.1 million bibliographic citations (1966- current) and over 107,000 full-text non-journal documents (1993-2004). Register with MyERIC to create a personalized space. Beware of a 20 minute time out feature when reading documents.

The thesaurus feature will provide alternative search terms, and a quick link to search ERIC using term selected. Search using keyword, author, ERIC#, title, ISSN, ISBN, journal name, sponsor, etc. A feedback form at the end of the result page allows easy feedback.



National Science Digital Library is the Nation's online library for education and research in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Resources available through NSDL include images, video, audio, animations, software, datasets, and of course text documents such as journal articles and lessons plans. In addition, NSDL provides services such as search, browse, help, "Ask-An-Expert" services, news reports, and online community discussions.


Red Data Book

BirdLife International Threatened Birds of the world. This FreeSource replaced an expensive monograph often included in the reference area of life sciences libraries. Click on "Data Zone" to search for threatened species by common, or scientific name, or by country. A terrific tool for kids who are getting to know our world.



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