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The existing network of bird conservation partners and resources provides an excellent opportunity for land trusts to engage in conservation at different scales. This Resource Directory is designed especially for land trusts: bringing many of the resources together in one place and helping navigate the resources to find what is pertinent to land trusts. The resources can be useful for land trusts' funding proposals, community outreach, strategic conservation planning, land acquisition and easement justification, management plan development, and monitoring. The resources on these pages are organized by four categories – Engaging People, Planning, Management Guides, and Presentations and Publications.

If there are additional resources that you’ve found helpful and would like added to the site, please email us with the resource name, category in which it should be listed, online link, and a description of how it's useful to land trusts. We value your contributions!

  • Wildlife Conservation and Private Protected Areas: The Discrepancy Between Land Trust Mission Statements and Their Perceptions

    A journal article in Environmental Management, studying the extent to which land trusts explicitly focus on wildlife conservation.  We found that land trust mission statements rarely mention wildlife while land trusts cite wildlife habitat as the most significant outcome of their land protection. We outline the implications of this disconnect.... See More

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  • YardMap

    The YardMap Network is a citizen science project designed to collect data about how our local, regional, and national landscapes are being put to work as wildlife habitat. YardMap asks people to draw maps of their local landscapes; from small spaces like backyards, to larger spaces like land trust parcels.

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