Credit Options

You put a lot of time and effort into your professional growth. We are proud to offer Continuing Education Units (CEU) and completion letters to help you document the training you have completed. Below are the different training opportunities we provide credit for.

Continuing Education Units

  • Online Inquiry Course
    • Anyone who completes the course will automatically receive a certificate on completion auto-generated through Bird Academy. If you need revision to your certificate, please email
    • Two CEUs are included in the price of the course. Once you complete the course, you will have access to a form to request the CEUs. Credits will only be given to participants who complete all course assignments and receive an 80% or higher grade.
  • Monthly Webinar Series
    • Anyone can receive a free letter of completion for one contact hour if they attend a live webinar. Please email with the title of live webinar you attended.
    • You can receive one CEU from Cornell University by completing one of the following options below and paying $50. To receive credit, you must attend the live webinars; archived webinars cannot be viewed for credit. All CEU work must be completed and submitted by June 30, 2021, to After you purchase the CEU we will provide you the appropriate paperwork to complete based on your choice below.
      1. Attend all 10 webinars and complete their evaluation sheets.
      2. Attend five webinars, complete their evaluation sheets, and create an implementation plan.
      3. Attend one webinar, complete its evaluation sheet, and create and execute an implementation plan.
  • Summer Educator Retreat
    • All Summer Educator Retreat participants will receive a letter of completion with the listed contact hours. Quantity of contact hours vary from summer to summer, but average 30 hours.
    • All Summer Educator Retreat participants can receive CEUs upon request after completing the Retreat at no extra cost. Additional paperwork will need to be completed. Quantity of CEUs vary from summer to summer, but average three units.