K-12 Education offers a variety of free webinars each month open to all educators. All our fun and interactive webinars provide background content, highlight new and relevant educational resources, and allow discussion for successful implementation of such information and activities. Each webinar is roughly 50 minutes with 10 minutes allocated for questions. You can access all archived webinars through our YouTube channel. You can also receive letters of completion or Continuing Education Units.

  • girl with clipboard

    December – Girls in STEM

    Empower young girls in STEM through deeply engaging citizen-science projects and authentic investigations!

  • two girls with checklist

    January – Student-driven Investigations

    Put your students in the driver’s seat. We’ll guide you through the basics of using Investigating Evidence: how to develop observations, formulate questions, and design experiments.

  • Inquiry

    February – Inquiry Across the Ages: A Panel Discussion

    Hear from K-12 teachers who have successfully inspired student-driven investigations with citizen science through Investigating Evidence.

  • Bird Cam life cycles

    March – Life Cycles with Birds

    Explore the world of nesting birds through observing wild nests, building nest boxes, and participating in citizen science. Then talk to an expert about the do’s and don’ts of observing nesting birds.

  • Evolution-Blue bird diversity

    April – Discover Evolutionary Diversity

    From Darwin’s finches to the Birds-of-Paradise, Birds are the ideal animals to study when teaching topics such as natural and sexual selection and speciation. Join our webinar to discover evolution through diversity.

  • get outside

    May – Get Outside for Summer!

    Get kids outside and ready for summer exploration! We’ll share simple activities that can connect kids to nature through birds.


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