eBird Explorers: Monitoring Our Changing World

Explore human impacts on our local and global environment through citizen science!

ebird 9-12 cover titled "eBird Explorers - Monitoring Our Changing World" It show 2 people sitting under a tree learning about the birds they are spotting.

Citizen science empowers young people to observe their world and share their findings with scientists tackling real world issues. eBird Explorers: Monitoring Our Changing World uses the eBird citizen-science project to help us understand human impacts on bird populations both locally and globally. Aligned to 9-12th grade Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core State Standards, this dynamic curriculum features eight investigations, each with a 50-minute lesson and 90-minute lab. Students will dive into topics of habitat loss, climate change, carrying capacity, and the importance of citizen science. Connect students with meaningful content that feeds their need to relate to their environment while building conservation minded young adults.

The full kit is available for purchase through NASCO.


Kit includes:

  • Enough materials for a class of 30
  • Life-size bird images
  • Bird ID cards
  • Clues to Bird Identification poster
  • Mystery bird images
  • Lesson plans, handouts, and worksheets