BirdSleuth International engages youth in hands-on learning about birds, habitat, citizen science, and conservation. The following video showcases the experiences of educators from Costa Rica and Guatemala, who came together to share their experiences, learn from each other, and collaboratively contribute to ongoing research aimed at investigating the impact of the BirdSleuth program on youth knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors toward birds and the environment. These educators work with Community Cloud Forest Conservation in Guatemala, and San Vito Bird Club and Parque La Libertad in Costa Rica. You too can become part of this growing network of educators who are striving to ignite children’s curiosity and passion for the natural world. Download the free curriculum resources below.

BirdSleuth International staff have taught workshops in 8 countries, including The Bahamas, Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Colombia, and Peru. For a taste of our workshops, check out this video on our Colombia workshop below:

While you can observe some bird species at any time of the year, some species are international citizens, traveling between countries and continents on their yearly migrations. Through their migration, birds can connect us to other places, people, cultures, and environmental issues. Because they depend on habitat in more than one geographic area, migrating birds depend on international conservation. We hope that the BirdSleuth-International curriculum will inspire you, and the young people you work with, to connect through birds and their conservation! Please visit this growing page for updates and to learn how these efforts are growing internationally, and if you are interested in downloading the BirdSleuth-International curriculum and its resources, click here:

*Please note, if you’re an educator in the United States or Canada we recommend that you check out the Habitat Connections curricula.