Free eBird K-2 Lesson

Engage your students in literacy through science with your free eBird K-2 lesson!

Free eBird K-2

What is a habitat and what’s in it? Build literacy through habitat exploration with your free eBird Explorers: Building Literacy Through Nature K-2 lesson download. The lesson uses four fun activities to take students on a learning adventure about bird behavior and habitat.

This lesson is a part of a full curriculum that inspires observation and curiosity about the natural world! Our full curriculum features two children’s books that encourage students to observe and describe differences in birds and habitats. Through these lessons, even the youngest children can discover what makes a bird a bird, explore similarities and differences, learn to identify common local birds, and contribute to the eBird database! The full kit will be available for purchase through NASCO in the near future. Stay tuned!

Reference Link

Inside Birding: Habitat – video

On Duck Pond – book