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Find our most popular resources by themes. For resources by grade level, please visit  Lessons and Activities.

owl pellet kit content


Habitat Connections engages kids with their local environment.

Owl Pellet Investigation helps students understand ecological roles and food webs.

Feathered Friends provides ways to understand habitat through local birds.

Flap to the Future_no_text


Flap to the Future with our lessons on adaptation and natural selection.

Birds of Paradise lessons allow students to see natural and sexual selection.

All About Fancy Males explores some of the fanciest birds on the planet through games and quizzes.

Bird Songs


Bird Song Hero helps train your brain to recognize over 50 bird songs with a fun matching game.

BeastBox  makes music by mixing wild animal with beatbox loops.


baby birds

Life Cycles

Life in a Nest is where it all begins. Download our life cycle lesson.

Think Outside The (Nest) Box allows students to see the life cycle by building, installing and monitoring nest boxes.





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