Spanish Language


The Cornell Lab of Ornithology has several options for resources in Spanish, many of which focus on Latin American countries.

CUBS pageCelebrate Urban Birds

CUBS is a bilingual citizen-science project that provides educational resources and grants for both urban and rural communities.


BirdSleuth InternationalBirdSleuth International

BirdSleuth International provides educators in countries outside of the United States with materials and resources. French resources are also available.



Scavenger Hunt cardsK-12 Education Products

Bird Bingo Cards in Spanish are a great way to get kids outdoors.

Scavenger Hunt Cards promote outdoor time and observation.

BirdSleuth Explorer Guidebook encourages students to create a sound map and test  bird ID skills through adaptable activities.


ebird in SpanisheBird and Merlin

eBird and Merlin are great apps for bird identification and now include bird ids from Central and South America. If you’re traveling or teaching in Central and South America, this is a must have.


Think outside the nest box coverNestWatch Curriculum

NestWatch has partnered with Sustainable Forestry Initiative to develop a bilingual curriculum. View the guide and curriculum here.


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