K-12 Education offers a variety of free webinars each month open to all educators. All our fun and interactive webinars provide background content, highlight new and relevant educational resources, and allow discussion for successful implementation of such information and activities. Each webinar is roughly 50 minutes with 10 minutes allocated for questions. You can access all archived webinars through our YouTube channel. You can also receive letters of completion or Continuing Education Units.

  • Guidebook

    December – Integrating Literacy and Science with Birds

    Learn how to easily meet ELA Common Core Standards through scientific inquiry and literacy with this free webinar. K-12 Education has created free early education activity guides that bridge the gap between ELA Standards and science literacy.

  • pulling apart pellet

    January – Dissecting the Food Web: An Owl Pellet Investigation

    Discover the excitement of dissecting owl pellets with the world’s bird experts from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Using resources and activities from our owl pellet kit, this webinar expands on the classic owl pellet activity by exploring the complexity of ecosystem interactions and learning how predators such as owls impact food webs.

  • KatieHumainson_GirlsBinocs

    February – Girls in STEM

    Empower young girls in STEM! Through Meet the Scientist videos and engaging activities, we’ll explore simple strategies to improve your STEM education and make it accessible to young women.

  • garden in bloom

    March – Inspire Schoolyard Investigations

    Through projects like iNaturalist and eBird, citizen science can launch many different schoolyard investigations. This webinar will use citizen science to connect to inquiry-based learning.

  • tree swallow nest with bird

    April – NestWatch Your Birds

    The nesting season has begun, and your students can help! Join us in this webinar to debunk some nesting myths and discover how you and your students can help nesting birds.

  • Olympus digital camera

    May – Technology in the Classroom with Birds

    Bring technology in the classroom while engaging students in outdoor observation with Cornell Lab’s free apps! Plus, discover how you can help kids become citizen scientists.


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