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2018 News Releases

Smooth Dance Moves Confirm New Bird-of-Paradise Species, April 17, 2018

Rare video highlights unique behavior and sounds 

Report Bird Nests to NestWatch—There’s an App for That! April 12, 2018
Participate in citizen science online or on your smartphone 

Bird of Prey Documents Efforts to Save a Spectacular Species, April 10, 2018
First Ithaca screening of film coming up on April 15

New Maps Forecast Bird Migration Using Radar, April 5, 2018
Maps show migration in near real-time and predict bird movements, days ahead  

Study: Climate Change Could Impact
 Critical Food Supplies for Migratory Birds, April 4, 2018
Scientists model what extreme climate could mean for future migrants

Beauty and the Beak Wins AAAS/Subaru Prize
 for Excellence in Science Books, March 1, 2018
Bald Eagle receives 3D-printed beak in inspiring children's book

Online Game Remixes the Sounds of Nature to Create Beats That Are Truly Wild, February 20, 2018
Scientists team up with wildlife DJ and hip hop archivists on "BeastBox"

Brainpower Wins Over Brawn When Male Hummingbirds Display for Mates, February 8, 2018
When animals compete over mates, it's often a showy affair. But for a Costa Rican hummingbird, it's mental prowess that counts

Join a Global Bird Count for The Year of the Bird, February 7, 2018
The Great Backyard Bird Count takes place worldwide, February 16 to 19

Bring the Wonder of Nature into the Classroom
with the Revised Feathered Friends Curriculum, Feb. 5, 2018
Teachers receive a free bird feeder to support science lessons  

ZEISS and the Cornell Lab of Ornithology Continue Partnership, February 1, 2018
Sponsorship includes the Young Birders Event, now it its 10th year 

2018 Is the Year of the Bird, January 5, 2018
Year-long campaign focuses on celebrating and protecting birds



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