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Birding Hotspots is a non-commercial, open-source project created by two birders—Ken Ostermiller and Adam Jackson—that collects site descriptions, valuable tips for birding, and maps of eBird hotspots from local birders. 

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While this website is not operated by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Birding Hotspots is run by individuals who are affiliated with the Lab. Each page on Birding Hotspots corresponds with and links to an existing eBird hotspot and provides crowdsourced information about birds of interest, notable trails, accessibility of sites, and habitat photos not currently available through the eBird website.

The Birding Hotspots website allows anyone to suggest photos and content, and land trusts may find the site useful for adding more context, attracting more visitors, and making existing hotspots more accessible. Birding Hotspots welcomes contributions and could use your help to populate the site with information about hotspots on your land. The platform makes it easy to upload images and suggest edits like links to land trust webpages.

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