How Can a Great Cup of Coffee Support Birds, Farmers, and Local Communities?

Have you ever wondered where beautiful songsters such as orioles, tanagers, and warblers go when they head south for the winter? Watch the video to join scientists Amanda Rodewald from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and Nick Bayly of Selva for a morning of studying birds on a Colombian shade-grown coffee farm.

Coffee is one of the most important crops in the Andes of Colombia—and when grown under a canopy of trees, it supports abundant birds attracted to the insects, nectar, and fruit that trees provide. Unlike on sun-grown coffee farms where trees have been cut down, the trees of shade-grown farms help prevent erosion and landslides, improve water quality, contribute nutrients to the soil—and support birds so they can survive the winter and make their long return north each year.

Your support helps our scientists document the benefits of farming practices for birds and for people—paving the way for more communities to help create a more sustainable world.

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