Monitoring Our Changing World Resources

Resources and links for the “Monitoring our Changing World” curriculum.

Teaching slides for “Monitoring our Changing World” curriculum.

Investigation 1: Exploring Changing Habitats: Students learn that observing and monitoring birds and their habitats helps us understand and conserve our changing world. They are introduced to eBird and citizen science.

Investigation 2: Identifying Birds: Students learn species identification skills and the anatomical parts of a bird. They apply their knowledge with the Merlin Bird ID app to go birding.

Investigation 3: Digging Deeper with Bird ID: Through observing birds, students will understand how behavior and sounds help with identification.

Investigation 4: Monitoring Migration: Students define and explain migration patterns and habitat challenges. They encounter the abundance model and read other maps and models.

Investigation 5: Population Dynamics: Students will understand how carrying capacity affects a species’ population size and how this aids conservation.

Investigation 6: Complex Impacts of Climate Change: Students will observe how trends in citizen-science data can indicate changes in habitat, including those caused by climate change.

Investigation 7: Think Globally: Students define “wicked problem” in the context of climate change and brainstorm possible solutions.

Investigation 8: Act Locally: By participating in citizen science students learn that they can contribute to local and global efforts to monitor and conserve birds.