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Getting Kids Involved

Resources for kids, families, & anyone who wants to learn more about birds and science.

Explore the World of Birds with Books & Related Activities

                girlswpaperairplanes.jpg          Kids With "Nest"
Click here to find book activity pages, listed by topic:
Migration, Conservation (Endangered Birds, Habitat), Reproduction (Nests, Eggs), Adaptations (Beaks, Wings), Fables from Other Cultures, Poetry
RWBlackbird_male Want help learning to identify birds? American Robin
  • Show kids the three videos on the Building Skills section of the Lab's All About Birds web site.
  • Order BirdSleuth Game Cards—you'll get activity & game ideas, plus access to an online Bird ID quiz with sound and video of common birds.
  • Have your kids become a Species Specialist. Each person in a group picks a species and becomes the "expert" using the All About Birds Online Bird Guide. Then learn that species' field marks by coloring  in it's Coloring Page.
  • Prepare for Spring! Learn the bird songs that herald spring. Go to the Songs and Calls page of All About Birds.


Get outside and watch birds for fun—and contribute to science!

  • Study the birds found in your city or rural neighborhood. Go to the Celebrate Urban Birds web site to learn more.
  • Set up a feeder area and count the birds you find there. See the Project FeederWatch web site for more on how to count feeder birds for science.
  • Keep track of the birds nesting in your schoolyard or backyard. The NestWatch web site has more on nesting birds and how to collect nesting data.
  • Go for a bird walk and keep track of the birds you see using the eBird website, a real-time, online checklist program.

  Fun ways to learn about birds without going outside:  NestCam Image

  • Watch nesting birds any time of year on the NestCams web site.
  • Whose Nest Is It? Downoad the PDF of this fun activity from the NestWatch web site (near the bottom of the Outreach and Media page, under "Activities").
  • Arts activities for connecting with the outdoors can be found on the Celebrate Urban Birds web site.

  Other Resources