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Learning to Identify Birds

The Cornell Lab's web site has excellent resources to help you learn to identify birds!

RWBlackbird_male  Want help learning to identify birds? American Robin

  • Show kids the three videos on the Building Skills section of the Lab's All About Birds web site.
  • Order BirdSleuth Game Cards—you'll get activity & game ideas, plus access to an online Bird ID quiz with sound and video of common birds.
  • Have your kids become a Species Specialist. Each person in a group picks a species and becomes the "expert" using the All About Birds Online Bird Guide. Then learn that species' field marks by coloring  in it's Coloring Page.
  • Prepare for Spring! Learn the bird songs that herald spring. Go to the Songs and Calls page of All About Birds.


To go further, check out:

  • BirdSleuth's Most Wanted Birds curriculum, found here. This complete curriculum kit includes 36 focus cards, full-color prints of birds, a poster of common feeder birds, a Pocket Naturalist Guide (Waterford Press), and a bird ID CD-Rom that includes audio files and PDFs of all handouts.