Annual Report 2016

Annual Report 2016 PDF

"The Cornell Lab has been transformed over the past four years, thanks to the engagement and generosity of you, our 100,000 supporters." —Director John W. Fitzpatrick

Empowering Through Education

"Before I did not know how to distinguish birds from one another...but now I have a different view, and I am very interested." —Samuel Suárez Vargas, a BirdSleuth K-12 participant in Colombia

Innovating for Conservation

This year saw the publication of the first-ever trinational State of North America's Birds report, determining conservation status for all 1,154 of our continent's bird species.

Fueling Science

A January 2016 study revealed the grand pattern of annual migration, using eBird data to trace the routes of 118 species from Tierra del Fuego to the Arctic.

Our spring issue of Living Bird magazine investigated the plight of the Northern Spotted Owl, despite 20 years of conservation efforts.


FY16 Revenues (through June 30, 2016)

Revenue Piechart for fiscal year 2016 through June 30

Total Revenue = $27,810,748

FY16 Expenditures

Expenditure Piechart for fiscal year 2016 through June 30

Total Expenditures = $25,227,191

Annual Operating Revenue and Expense, 2006–2016


Thanks to friends like you, the Cornell Lab of Ornithology is a healthy and effective organization. The Lab’s strength lies not only in its unique institutional model that weaves together research and academics with outreach and conservation, but in the support of thousands of members and donors. Membership revenues and gifts are our single largest source of support for programs, providing 52% of our annual revenue and underwriting 85% of our program costs. The Lab has seen healthy growth over the past 10 years with revenues exceeding expenditures, allowing us to expand and strengthen our vital research, education, and conservation efforts.

Photography credits

From top to bottom: Blackburnian Warbler © Guillermo Santos, Spotted Owl © Gerrit Vyn

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