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Elementary Physics Lessons

Here you can download a set of nine lessons using bird behavior to teach elementary physical setting and living environment concepts, play multimedia examples that go with the lessons, and find contact information to learn more or rent a kit of supporting resources.

The Amazing Birds lessons are aligned with New York State and National Science Education Standards, and can be downloaded in PDF format. They were developed in partnership between Cornell Lab of Ornithology and the Wayne-Finger Lakes Board of Cooperative Educational Services.

To rent a kit of supporting materials from the WFL BOCES Elementary Science Training and Education Center, call Sharon Bassage, Coordinator of Science Programs, at (315) 332-7267.


Amazing Birds

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Multimedia Examples

Follow the links to see sound and video examples from Cornell Lab's Macaulay Library that can be used with the lessons or on their own.

Physical Adaptations
Lesson 2
new-waveform Sound is Energy
Lesson 3
sosp2 Why Birds Sing
Lesson 4
noca Bird Beaks
Lesson 5
sngo Flight and Feathers
Lesson 6

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