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Physical Adaptations

You can use these videos from the Macaulay Library to discuss and compare physical adaptations in different bird species. You might ask:

  • "What are the different ways that birds get around?"
  • "What are the different ways that birds get food?"
  • "Which birds have you seen around your house?"
  • "Other than eating, what do birds use their beaks for?"
  • "What colors are the birds?"
  • "Have you seen any of these behaviors in the birds at our feeder?"
play Burrowing Owl play
White-tailed Ptarmigan
play Hudsonian Godwit play
Crested Caracara
play American Woodcock play
Common Yellowthroat
play Common Ostrich play
White-throated Sparrow
play Atlantic Puffin play
Golden Eagle
play Pileated Woodpecker play
Great Horned Owl
play Roseate Spoonbill play
Northern Cardinal
play Mallard play
Common Loon


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