Lawrence's Warbler by B. N. Singh.

Fuller Evolutionary Biology

We explore the wondrous biology of birds and other animals, from the origins of their diversity to the functions of their genomes to their most bizarre behaviors.

  • Warbler, Setophaga, diversity, from the Lovette lab


    To understand the origins and processes that generate biodiversity, we use genomic techniques to shed light on the process of speciation in birds, fish, and other animals.

  • genetic differences between Golden-winged and Blue-winged Warblers, illustration by Liz Clayton Fuller

    Avian Genomics

    We explore the many ways that birds have adapted to their environments and the genetic basis of underlying traits that makes birds such fascinating exemplars of evolution.

  • Sporophila family bird tree, from the Lovette Lab

    Scientific Training

    Our International Scholars Research Program supports work by researchers from around the world who seek to use genomic tools in studies of avian evolutionary biology.

  • Florida Scrub-Jay by Camille Merrell, ML

    Conservation Biology

    Using molecular approaches, we reveal insights for conservation, such as how gene flow affects declining bird populations, or how “cryptic diversity” may exist in similar-looking species.

  • Variegated Fairy-Wren by Tony Dawe via Birdshare

    Behavioral Ecology

    To understand how evolution shapes behavioral diversity, we pair molecular techniques with the study of social dynamics such as courtship displays, mating decisions, and parental care.

  • Lovette class in the Galapogos,

    Student Experiences

    We contribute to Cornell’s teaching, research, and immersive field experiences, and welcome inquiries from students looking for experience in avian genomics.

Program Staff

Photo Credits:

Graphic of warbler, Setophaga diversity, courtesy of the Lovette lab; genetic differences between Golden-winged and Blue-winged Warblers, illustration by Liz Clayton Fuller; Sporophila family bird tree, courtesy of the Lovette Lab; Florida Scrub-Jay by Camille Merrell/Macaulay Library; Variegated Fairy-Wren by Tony Dawe via Birdshare.

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