Anna's Hummingbirds by George Tsai via Birdshare.


We help give birds a voice—with news, insights, and live streaming cams to inspire the love and understanding of birds and natural world.

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    Living Bird

    Especially for Lab members, the beautiful Living Bird magazine reveals the world of birds through new scientific discoveries, on-the-ground conservation stories, and breathtaking photography. Read issues online.

  • All About Birds

    All About Birds is your free online guide to birds and bird watching. Explore in-depth species information, tips from the Lab’s experts, and inspirational videos. Explore All About Birds.

  • H# visits the Cornell Bird Cams Red-tailed Hawk camera 6-20-18

    Bird Cams

    Experience the lives of birds up close with live-streaming views from nests and feeders. Join in with other viewers and scientists as we watch and discover new insights. See what’s happening now.

  • King Penguins at Salisbury Plain, South Georgia by Peter Orr via Birdshare,

    Social Media

    We use social media to connect people with the world of birds by sharing knowledge and inspiration, and inviting participation with the Cornell Lab. Find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

  • Prothonotary Warbler by Ray Hennessy via Birdshare,

    Media Relations

    By connecting media professionals with our experts, we answer questions and bring to light the latest news and discoveries about birds, biodiversity, and the environment. Visit our News Room for more.

  • Wood Duck drake by Ray Hennessy via Birdshare,

    Communications Services

    We reach people around the world by providing editorial, design, and web services for the Lab’s programs, and mentoring students and early career professionals in science communication.


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Photo Credits:

Piping Plover with chicks by B.N. Singh via Birdshare; King Penguins by Peter Orr via Birdshare; Prothonotary Warbler and Wood Duck by Ray Hennessy.

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