In eBird’s first 10 years of existence, bird watchers contributed 100 million observations. It took only 2 more years to reach the next 100 million.

Information Science

Powered by millions of observations from birders, we provide access to global data and critical insights to understand and protect birds.

  • Black-and-White Warbler by Ryan Schain/ ML57253311


    We manage and develop eBird, partnering with organizations around the world to engage a global audience in sharing observations to empower research and conservation of birds and ecosystems.

  • Wood Thrush abundance map, eBird status and trends

    eBird Analytics

    Through the exploration, analysis, and visualization of massive data sets, we reveal insights on the distribution, movements, status, and trends of birds through time and across hemispheres.

  • Birdcast radar ornithology

    Radar Ornithology

    At the forefront of radar ornithology, BirdCast forecasts night-by-night densities of birds aloft, transforming our ability to understanding migration and reduce threats to birds.

  • Coal Tit by Abhishek Das/ ML84730861

    Birds of the World

    We create living, digital publications with authoritative information and multimedia on birds, building on the comprehensive Birds of North America Online and Neotropical Birds , and expanding to all birds of the world.

Program Staff

Photo Credits:

Black-and-White Warbler by Ryan Schain/ Macaulay Library; Wood Thrush abundance map, eBird status and trends; Coal Tit by Abhishek Das/Macaulay Library.

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