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Steve Kelling
Barry Bermudez
Bonnie Coffin
Daniel Fink
Tom Fredericks
Jeff Gerbracht
Marshall Iliff
Tim Lenz
Tim Levatich
Will Morris
Stacy Oborn
Alan Poole, PhD.
Brian Sullivan
Tom Schulenberg
Kevin Webb
Chris Wood

Staff Biographies

staff photo Barry Bermudez
Marketing Manager

Bonnie Coffin
Financial Specialist

staff photo Daniel Fink
Research Associate Statistician

Daniel came to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology in 2005 from the Department of Statistical Science to work on the creation of the Avian Knowledge Network. He works jointly with researchers at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and the Computer Science Department to develop models of population abundance and distribution. His research centers on developing highly adaptive, semi-parametric regression tools for challenging problems in environmental and ecological sciences. Topics of interest include hierarchical models, decision trees, data mining, and shrinkage estimation.

staff photo Tom Fredericks
Database Administrator

Tom first came to the Lab in 1997 as the Database Specialist for the then fledgling BirdSource group. He, together with Steve Kelling built the beginnings of what has grown into the Lab IS department. Prior to working at the Lab, he was a database manager and application developer at the Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine.

Tom is responsible for database design and administration for the Lab of Ornithology's Bird Monitoring projects, working closely with co-DBA Tim Levatich to make up the Lab's Database Team. His database design projects include Project FeederWatch, eBird, The Great Backyard Bird Count, National Audubon's Christmas Bird Count, Birds in Forested Landscapes, and many others.

staff photo Jeff Gerbracht
Application Developer

Jeff has always had a very strong interest in natural history, which was encouraged by his family during their summer travels. His love of birds began when he was 9 and has continued ever since. His professional career has focused on project management and computer programming and his interest in ornithology and conservation led him to leave American Airlines and join the Lab as an application developer in 2001. He has developed several interactive GIS, data entry and analysis modules and applications for the Lab, including eBird, the Land Bird Monitoring Program and a Breeding Bird Atlas application. Jeff is currently developing a Citizen Science internet application to monitor and track the threatened Florida Scrub-Jay.

Marshall Iliff
eBird/AKN Project Leader

Marshall Iliff began birding at age 11 and has been birding obsessively ever since. After college he conducted several years of ornithological field work across the US and in Mexico, often working and traveling with Chris and Brian. He has worked on three state records committees, as North American Birds Regional Editor for two different regions on two different coasts, as well as on a number of other articles and books relating to birds, bird identification, and bird distribution. From 2000-2007 he was a full-time tour leader for Victor Emanuel Nature Tours, traveling across the United States and Canada, as well as through much of Central America and Mexico, and even as far as Kenya. Regretting his intermittent note taking through all those travels, he is making up for it now by entering whatever old checklists he can find into eBird!

staff photo Tim Lenz
eBird Application Programmer

Tim Lenz was born in Rochester, NY, spent 2nd through 5th grade in Ithaca, NY, and lived in Reno, NV until attending school at Cornell University. He first became interested in birds at the age of nine, when he demanded to go birding at Sapsucker Woods every weekend.

In Reno, Tim enjoyed downhill skiing, springboard diving, and computer games. He was two-time Nevada state diving champion and continued diving for Cornell as an undergraduate in the Engineering school. At Cornell, Tim realized there were other birders his age, so he became very active in the student birding club. He received a master's degree at Cornell in Computer Science in May 2004 and spent the summer in Reno working for an IT company that maps forest fires.

At the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology, Tim will be using Java technologies to upgrade and maintain the eBird website.

staff photo Tim Levatich
Database Administrator

Tim Levatich is a database designer and administrator at the Lab, assisting many departments and projects with a broad range of data management initiatives. His activities include the development of new databases and metadata publishing techniques for audio and video assets in the Macaulay Library, the management of the Lab's membership and bird monitoring databases, and the administration of our Oracle servers and data storage systems.

Tim came to the Lab in 2001 with data management experience in government, facilities administration, and the transportation industry, plus a strong interest and background in natural resource management. He is looking forward to the development of a scalable database infrastructure and metadata schemes that will allow the Lab to meet its data output demands from all people interested in birds and biodiversity.

staff photo Will Morris
Web/UI Designer

Will has been designing web sites and user interfaces for over ten years. He is responsible for the usability and visual design of Information Science sites and applications.

staff photo Stacy Oborn
Managing Editor

Stacy came from the land of humanities, liberal and fine arts to join ranks in the IS department at the Lab of Ornithology.  Prior to her life at Cornell, she enjoyed an academic career focused on international literature, contemporary art theory and practice, and life as a working photographer and educator.  In her free time she enjoys traveling to see art exhibits, writing essays on art and aesthetics on her website, reading and looking widely at the world around her.

At the Lab, Stacy serves as Managing Editor for the Birds of North America Online.  She is the person responsible for making sure new content (in the forms of species articles and rich media) gets added to the database in a consistent and careful manner, and is the person to contact if you find any errors in the information or in its usability.  She also often serves as the bridge in communication between her overtly technically-inclined colleagues in IS and the rest of the world, in as much as she is able to translate between the two.

staff photo Alan Poole
Editor, The Birds of North America

Alan Poole edits the Birds of North America (BNA) Online -- an 18 volume compendium on the life histories of North American birds. Initiated in 1991 as a print series, and completed in 2002, BNA is now an online project of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, where Alan is a senior research associate. He enjoys having one foot in science and another in publishing, and takes great interest in the new world of online scholarly resources -- how they are used and how they are updated and maintained. Alan is also the author of Ospreys: a natural and unnatural history, published by Cambridge University Press in 1989.

Tom Schulenberg
Editor, Clements Checklist / Editor, Neotropical Birds

staff photo Brian Sullivan
eBird Project Leader

Brian Sullivan has conducted fieldwork on birds throughout North America for the past twelve years. Birding travels and field projects have taken him to Central and South America, to the Arctic and across North America. He has written and consulted on various books, popular, and scientific literature on North American birds. Research interests include migration, conservation biology, seabirds, raptors and field identification. He is currently eBird Project Leader.

staff photo Kevin Webb
Software Engineer

After considerable time spent relentlessly advancing corporate interests, Kevin is happy to be working at the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology where his objective is the application of information science to facilitate discovery in conservation and biological sciences. He brings to the task a diverse set of knowledge and experience with beginnings in operations and manufacturing management, and most recently database centric software engineering. As much as he likes his work, he would much rather be outside with the birds.

staff photo Chris Wood
eBird Project Manager

Chris began birding at age five and still gets into the field enough to make the rest of us jealous. His primary interests include bird distribution, identification, vocalizations and conservation throughout the Americas. In addition to his work at the Lab, Chris leads birding tours for WINGS to the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Central America. He is a editor for the Colorado and Wyoming region of North American birds and the departmental editor of the BIRDING photo quiz, as well as the online photo quiz for the American Birding Association. He has written and consulted on various books, popular, and scientific literature on North American birds. Before coming to the Lab, Chris was a research associate with Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory in Colorado. At the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology, Chris is the Project Leader for eBird.